At Nerds on Standby, we believe technology should enable your event's message, not distract or get in the way. From experience, we know you have a lot on your plate. Let us take care of what we do best so you can worry about the other 839 things on your list. Bring us into your event planning and we'll go above and beyond our part as technicians.
Nerds on Standby will help you make the most of any venue, whether your event is 50 people or 5,000. We can maximize your venue’s potential, reduce costs, meet all codes, and stage a fantastic event. Nerds on Standby can help attendees feel comfortable and entertained.
Stage Plots
We will keep everyone on the same page regarding all technical aspects of your event. That means keeping contact with the live entertainment, presenters and moderators to keep things running smoothly and on time.

  • Backstage layout, green rooms, and presenter staging areas
  • Sound checks, presenter rehearsals and cue sheets
Audience Arrangements
Ensure the audience is comfortable and safe. Maximize room space as well as lines of sight to the stage and visual support.

  • Schoolroom, theater, rounds, or stadium
  • No audience straining for audible or visual support
  • Maximize venue space and safety
Rigging Design
Minimize truss lines and expense while keeping your event clean and professional.

  • Careful load calculations
  • Safety is our primary goal
Keep the stage lit evenly so everyone has a clear view while keeping the presenters happy.

  • Stage, signage, ambient and special effect lighting
  • Static, intelligent or LED
Projectors can be configured for either front or rear screen to maximize sight lines and venue seating.

  • Any brightness which may be necessary 5,000 – 30,000 lumens
  • Standard or wide screen configurations, SD or HD to meet your budget
  • Stage backdrop projection systems available as well as video walls
Improve sound coverage and maximize audience listening. Even the attendees in the back center need to hear loud and clear.

  • Flown or floor standing
  • Line arrays and time delayed clusters
  • Front fills and fold back monitors
Setup & Tear Down
We understand setup needs to happen clean and problem free. It is our belief that every event should go up quickly and appear as though it was always built that way.

  • Tight turn-arounds can't always be avoided, let us help you plan
  • Set, tested and ready for show as soon as possible
Audiences from 15 to 2,000 plus regardless of the size of event you are planning, we can meet your needs to ensure everything goes without a hitch. We understand events come in all shapes and sizes. From grand general sessions to intimate breakout meetings, we can handle it all.
Audio Systems
From stage monitors to line arrays, we have what it takes for your event to be heard.

  • All major brands (Midas, JBL Professional, EAW, Yamaha, etc)
  • Line arrays, time delayed clusters, floor standing or stage monitors
  • Audio consoles
  • Microphones (Shure, Countryman, wired or wireless)
  • PTT (Push To Talk) board meeting systems
Video Systems
From intimate breakouts to grand, multi-screen general sessions, squinting isn't an option. We can get your content projected perfectly.

  • Major brands such as Barco, Folsom, Christie, Extron, FSR, Sony Professional, etc
  • Get the brightness and resolution you need with an HD system
  • Confidence monitors, scalers, record decks, seamless switchers, matrix switchers, etc
Lighting Rigs
Send your event over the top. Stimulate attendees’ visual senses and set whatever mood or feel you desire. Whether you are lighting a stage or signage, we have the lighting resources to ensure great visibility.

  • Intelligent lighting: moving heads, LEDs
  • Static lighting: par cans, lekos with gobos and more
If you're needing technical staff to make it all run, look no further. We not only know what we are doing, we look professional doing it.
Experienced Staff
Our vast poof of human resources equal decades of experience to ensure your event operates predictably smooth.

  • Audio A1: our board operators are highly experienced in both analog and digital
  • Audio A2: make sure presenters are mic'ed up swiftly and professionally, and help run of show
  • Video V1 & V2: run single screen or multi-screen systems
  • Lighting Designers that help plan color schemes, patterns, and program scenes and effects
Of course you need to keep in touch with the office while at your event. We can help you with establishing your new home away from home in a reliable and professional way. So bring on the print jobs and VPN tunnels. We'll have your remote office ready.
Equipment Rental
We can supply whatever you need to make your remote office function while at your event.

  • Workstations, Laptops, Printers or Servers
  • Phone Systems, paper shredders and copy machines
Setup & Tear Down
We will get your office up and running swiftly and professionally. Count on us to maintain support as well. We will even clean it up when you're done.

  • Computer Network and phone cabling
  • Proper labeling and documentation of each phone number, printer IP address and instructions
  • Power distribution
  • Data wipes on rental computer systems
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