Allow us to help get your business off the ground and functioning correctly and securely while keeping costs minimized. We help you stay on top of all technical aspects of getting your business running efficiently, and securely. Nerds on Standby has the diversity and knowledge to problem solve in ways that can increase productivity while cutting costs.
Once you make the investment for office gear and computer equipment, you need to start utilizing your tools to generate profit. We'll have every corner covered from cabling, to computer deployment, to print servers and office networks. We can even upgrade your computer systems with the power they need to efficiently perform the tasks at hand.
Custom Builds
Workstations and servers specially designed to fit any business, any task, at any budget. We will work with you and your employees to analyse work habits and program utilization to determine precisely what is needed to keep your business as productive as possible.

  • Windows, Linux or Apple
  • Desktop, laptop or netbook computer systems
  • Smart-Phones: Windows, Android, RIM, Nokia or Apple
  • Windows or Linux server based systems for data storage, printing, VPN, NAT and more
  • Custom designed: professional video editing, graphic design and CAD systems
Hardware and Software Upgrades
Optimize system performance without buying a new computer. Allow us to lay out your options.

  • Motherboard
  • CPU (Central Processing Unit)
  • Graphics card
  • RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • Optical drives (CD-R/DVD-R recorders and readers)
  • Monitors
  • Hard disks (internal or external)
Downtime costs money and nobody likes to loose money. Let us work with you to minimize the chance of a costly recurrence.

  • Temporary solutions while permanent repairs are underway
  • Complete diagnosis and troubleshooting of failure
Data recovery
Data recovery is one of our specialties. Will your computer system not even start, have your files gone missing? Chances are, we can recover your data easily.

  • Windows, Linux and Apple systems
  • All types of disk file systems
  • Most RAID configurations
Data backup
Don’t have just one copy of your company's data. We can maintain regular backups for your important data.

  • SATA/SAS RAID configurations
  • Internal and off-site backups
New computer setup
Installation and configuration of hardware, software and network connectivity.

  • Quick office setup and configuration
  • Workstation deployment, network printing and file sharing
Virus & Malware Removal
Is your business experiencing network congestion, causing unusually slow Internet or program response? You may have a virus spreading itself right now.

  • Diagnose virus threat and existing anti-virus system
  • Analysis of IDS (Intrusion Detection System)
  • Manual removal of virus if necessary
Maintenance & Support
Regular maintenance can go a long way. Allow us to keep things in top order for you.

  • Weekly, monthly or quarterly infrastructure testing and checkup
  • Regular virus definitions checks
  • Data storage and backup verification
  • Hardware performance and age monitoring
Every business needs network access of one form or another. Regardless of your business size, or geography, we will keep your office operating efficiently and securely.
Infrastructure Design
Allow us to make your business come to life and operate smoothly. We'll design a custom network to meet your needs.

  • Data center planning and deployment
  • Internet, and Intranet connections
  • Workstation placement and connectivity
Routers are the brains of any network. We will work with you to ensure router security and efficiency.

  • Cisco preferred and all other major brands
  • Configuration and installation
  • Intrusion detection, firewalls and redundancy
Don't fall subject to the typical network bottleneck.

  • Cisco preferred and all other major brands
  • Be in control of the speed and redundancy of your network, speeds up to 1Gbps or more
  • Managed and un-managed configurations
  • Bridged trunks for maximum throughput
Don't underestimate the importance of proper cabling. We will get your network up and running with zero kinks.

  • Hidden or visible bundled cabling, Cat-5e, Cat-6, and Fiber-Optics
  • Neat and orderly practices for pulling and terminating cables
Remote Integration
Your business shouldn't be bound by the limitations of geography anymore. Let us help you bridge the gaps efficiently, securely and cost effectively, allowing you or your employees to work anywhere with an Internet connection.

  • Personal VPNs allow you to have office network access securely from anywhere
  • Have your branch offices on a single network regardless of distance
  • Consolidate to a single phone and data system to save money as well as time
It is a big scary Internet out there. Do what you can to stay secure. Proper troubleshooting can go a long way to maintaining the productivity of your office and reduce downtime.
Fire Wall Setup
Your first and strongest line of defense. While a firewall isn't the only recommended Internet security device, your business shouldn't be without one.

  • Windows or Linux server based or router based firewall
  • Virtual based environments
Don't use a cannon ball to kill a fly. We will be sure to find then implement the proper solution for your security issue.

  • Boxed and virtual IDS (Intrusion Detection System)
  • Printed summary of full diagnosis
A working print system makes for a happy office staff. Nerds on Standby can help get everyone in your office whistling while they work.
Setup and Installation
Let Nerds on Standby get your printing system working correctly and intuitively.

  • All major brands
  • Laser (analog/digital)
  • All-in-one machines (print/fax/scan/copy)
  • Plotters
  • Print server managed jobs from multiple subnets
  • Driver installation and sharing
  • Defaults setup and customization
  • Wired (USB/network)
Whether it is a few computers sharing a single printer or several printers shared by hundreds of computers, allow us to optimize your printing system. We can make sure you're leveraging your printer's full capabilities.

  • Wired or wireless computer connection
  • Wired Printer connection
  • Smart-Phone printing from anywhere
A phone system is integral to smooth business operation. Make sure you invest in one that meets your current needs as well as being modular to grow with your business.
Design and Installation
If you have several branch offices, make sure you are leveraging current technology to increase efficiency and reduce cost. Even if you have one building, allow us to help pick the right system for your business.

  • Analog or Digital Cisco preferred VOIP phone systems
  • Integration of your data and voice networks maximizing overall bandwidth utilization
  • Maximize use of a single cable to supply your voice and data networks
Having all the proper equipment is only half the battle. You need to know how to maximize the potential of your technical systems.
Custom tailored educational formats
Everyone learns in a different manner. Allow us to work with your business and leverage the infrastructure you have in place.

  • Tutoring - classroom setting, 1 on 1, or remote desktop viewing
  • Continuing education and support for yourself or your office staff when needed
So you want TVs everywhere. Do you have a restaurant, bar or just want a high tech look and feel at your business? Let Nerds on Standby take care of getting crystal clear picture and sound on every television whether you want the same content everywhere or a different program on each.
Custom Design
We'll work with you from start to finish, from the planning stage all the way to teaching your staff how to operate the system as well as basic troubleshooting.

  • All major brands supported, we'll pick the correct hardware for your application and budget
  • Mounting of flat screens done cleanly, neatly on wall or ceiling, angled, pivot, or pullout
Video Integration
There are too many configurations to list. Rest assured, we can help you with all of them.

  • Video and audio distribution (separate or combined)
  • DVDs, HD Broadcast, satellite, internet or computer based video sources
  • One source broadcast cleanly to multiple TVs or individual sources broadcast to every TV
  • Cabling done neat and clean: SD/HD-SDI, HDMI, DVI, RGBHV, Component, or Composite
Sound System Integration
Sound can be distributed in many ways. We can help you decide the optimal way to configure your system.

  • Integrated to TV system or separate system altogether
  • Unified sound across entire venue or a zoned configuration
Audio coverage in any venue needs to be clear, crisp and even. Those all too common “sweet spots” are not acceptable. Every spot needs to sound sweet.
Speaker Installation & Mounting
Clean, simple and neat. Maintaining presentable appeal is just as important as being able to hear. Speaker placement planning is one of the most important stages.

  • Maximize sound coverage
  • Proper cabling to meet the tolerances of the amplifier and the speaker configuration
  • Hanging, floor standing, wall or in-ceiling
Recording Systems
Having the capability to produce your own material is more attainable today than ever before. Let us know if you need help or have questions about your options.

  • All major brands supported
  • Multi-track systems from 24 channel to 48+
  • Mixing boards, effect racks, digital, or analog recording
  • Control rooms: suspended, double walled
  • Sound isolation booths, reverb and ambient reflection reduction
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